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Intersec is a full service of investigations and security company serving the public, legal, corporate and insurance communities.

Our company was founded in 1986 and maintains offices in Los Angeles and Tokyo to meet growing demand for competent, reliable security and investigative needs throughout the Unites States and the Pacific Rim.

Intersec is proud of the caliber of personal within our organization, and most are former member of the law enforcement and military.

We provide specialized investigations of Due Diligence, Insurance Fraud, Surveillance, Background Checks, Asset Searches and Witness Interviews and experience to carry out any all types of investigation.

We have an ability to serve you in English and Japanese. Over the year, our staff received international commendations for their diligence and professionalism.

At Intersec, our team of investigators and security professionals share a common commitment to provide our clients with excellent service and consistent results.

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